Fee Schedule 2016


  • $15 for 9 Holes
  • $20 for 18 Holes


  • $15 for 9 Holes
  • $20 for 18 Holes
  • $350 Golf Cart Lease (cart not included in tournaments)


  • Single Membership – $40 Tax included

This is the only membership available this year. Couples will need to each have their own. This membership does not include unlimited golf. You must pay a trail fee for each round of 9 holes you play. The trail fee is as follows.


  • Trail fee for first 9 for cart owner – $8
  • Trail fee for first nine for cart passenger – $10
  • Trail fee for first nine rented carts – $10 per cart seat
  • Trail fee for first nine walking – $5
  • Trail fee for each additional nine for all – $5
  • Tee time booking in the clubhouse – $5


  • Cart shed rental with electricity – $400
  • Cart shed rental without electricity – $350

We only have one type of cart shed this year. They are the new ones with concrete floors. This is a slight decrease but as with everything there is a catch. There is only one cart owner per cart. Only one person associated with the cart whether they are there or not gets the $8 fee over the $10 fee.