1. Anyone with a tee time has the right to the tee box over anyone who did not to book a tee time. Call 507-346-2501 to book a tee time.
  2. Tee times are required for each round of 9 holes you play. If you want a break in the middle book a later tee time for your second round.
  3. Max of four golfers in a group. Some flexibility for two teams of three man best ball will be given when there is room on the course but not guaranteed.
  4. All vehicles will be parked in the parking lot. This also means as carts move around I want the older members to have access to the sheds closest to the parking lot.
  5. The price of admission to be on the course is green fees or trail fees , no free ride along except for children under 10.
  6. No-one under 16 can drive a cart for insurance reasons.
  7. No rain checks. Everyone has smart phones or access to the weather. Pay and golf at your risk instead of making me assume all the risk of the weather.
  8. A driving license is required to rent a cart. It must be given to the counter person upon renting a cart and returned when the cart is returned.
  9. The fees are reasonable so with that in mind anyone who forgets to pay or carries on food or beverages will forfeit their membership for the season. Any green fee customers will be asked to leave without completing their round with no refund.
  10. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Keep in mind the rules are only created because of people’s actions. When the course was member owned people were OK stealing from themselves. Now when they steal they steal from me. I don’t feel I should ever have to accept that.